Climate change already has severe impacts on ecosystems, the economy, human health and the well-being of the people around the world, including in Europe. People around the world, who are already feeling these impacts, are asking for more ambitious climate action from their governments and taking action to fight against climate change.

Families from Europe and outside, whose livelihoods are put at risk by climate change, are joining this movement by initiating the People’s Climate Case. They demand that the EU accelerates its climate action and urgently increases its 2030 climate target. They are asking the European General Court to rule on the protection of their fundamental rights such as the right to life, health, occupation and property. These families underline that the climate protection is no longer a political or diplomatic issue for them. It’s a concrete problem that harms their homes, livelihoods, and destroys their children’ future.

This courageous action of families is accompanied by a broad range of NGOs, lawyers, citizens and scientists who firmly believe that the EU can and must be more ambitious regarding its 2030 climate target. They believe that a more ambitious EU 2030 climate target will also help the global community to keep within the range of the Paris Agreement’s long term temperature goal and thus towards meeting the objective to keep temperature rise within globally “safe limits”.