People’s Climate Case: EU insists to prevent access to justice for families hit by the climate crisis

On 3 December, the European Parliament and the Council have submitted their responses on the appeal of the legal action challenging the EU’s 2030 climate target. Despite the political momentum in the EU to increase the 2030 climate target, both institutions argue [...]

Crunch time for EU climate action

After a year marked by unprecedented public mobilisation for increased climate action, the UN Climate Summit COP25 coinciding with the December European Council and the start of the new European Commission’s mandate, offer a key opportunity to step up EU action on [...]

Without rapid action, world faces destructive ocean- and ice-related climate impacts

Brussels, 25 September 2019 , for immediate release The new landmark IPCC report on oceans released today shows that oceans are poised to turn into a huge threat to humanity unless we massively scale up emission cuts in line with the goal to keep temperature rise [...]

Rapid shift in land sector essential to stopping climate crisis

Brussels, 07 August 2019, for immediate release The new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report released today proves beyond doubt that stopping the climate crisis will not be possible without a radical change in our food production and consumption, [...]

Families affected by the climate crisis file appeal after the European General Court dismisses their case

Brussels, 11 July 2019, for immediate release Today, 10 families from Europe and outside, together with the Saami Youth Association from Sweden appealed to the European Court of Justice on the dismissal of the historic People’s Climate Case – the case challenging [...]

UN expert: Climate change threatens democracy and human rights

Brussels, 25 June 2019, for immediate release The report released today by Philip Alston, UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, states that climate change could push more than 120 million more people into poverty by 2030 and undo the last 50 [...]

Climate crisis: Extreme heat waves hit Europe

Long-predicted impacts of climate change are wreaking havoc in Europe. An extreme heatwave is expected to affect millions of people in large parts of west-central Europe. In recent months, Eastern Europeans have been hit by heat waves and droughts; citizens in the [...]

People’s Climate Case: Court acknowledges climate change is affecting everyone but dismisses the case

Brussels, for immediate release,  22.05.2019 The European General Court dismissed the People’s Climate Case on procedural grounds stating that the families and youth impacted by climate change do not have a right to go to court to challenge the EU’s 2030 climate [...]

Letter from the plaintiffs to the EU Presidents

Dear EU Presidents and Heads of State and Government, We are writing to you on behalf of all Europeans impacted by climate change. We are farmers, shepherds, foresters, hotel and restaurant owners and students from Sweden, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany and [...]

Plaintiffs of the People’s Climate Case have won the “Prize of Action”

Yesterday the German plaintiffs of the People’s Climate Case, Maike and Michael Recktenwald won the ZEIT WISSEN in the category of ‘Action’ for taking the EU to court over its insufficient 2030 climate target. Last year, the French plaintiff Maurice Feschet was [...]

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