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Kenya: Shepherds call for more climate protection, NDR (German), 12 March 2019

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Spurred by Dutch legal victory, advocates look to courts to push climate policy, S&P Global, 21 February 2019

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‘It’s really scary’: indigenous Europeans on why they are taking the EU to court over climate change, Euronews, 06 December 2018

“We must act urgently” : Victims of climate change filed a complaint against Europe, France Info (French), 29 November 2018

RTL Today, RTL, 13 November 2018

People’s Climate Case, RTL Today (German), 13 November 2018

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Climate lawyers to use UN 1.5C report to sue governments, Climate Home News, 09 October 2018

1.5°C degree objective is the only one that counts, ETC (Swedish), 09 October 2018

Shepherds and farmers in turmoil over unambitious climate targets, Information (Danish), 09 October 2018

Climate change is affecting our daily lives. Letter to decision makers, Revue Projet (French), 09 October 2018

For the plaintiffs of the People’s Climate Case, there is only one number that counts: 1.5°C, Politis (French), 09 October 2018

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