Greta Thunberg joined the climate strike organised by the Sáminuorra on 07 February 2020. The climate strike which was an occasion to underline the importance of indigenous knowledge and culture to tackle the climate crisis, marked the 102nd anniversary of the first Saami congress, representing the indigenous people of northern Europe.

Sanna Vannar, president of the Saami Youth Association, Sáminuorra said: “Every Saami is affected by the climate crisis. As indigenous Saami people, our lives, our tradition, our culture depends on nature. Every day it is becoming more and more difficult to read the signs of nature where to find fish, where to bring our reindeer for herding. As Saami youth, we fight for climate justice on our lands, in the streets and in the court.”

Greta Thunberg said: “The solutions to the climate crisis must contain the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples. We have much to learn from those who live by and through nature and have done so for thousands of years. We stand in solidarity with your struggles, for they are also our struggles.”

Florian Carl from Protect the Planet who supported the organisation of this event said: Collaborations like this one today are key to avert the climate crisis. We must stand united with the Saami and indigenous people around the world. Only together we can tackle achieve sustainable and just futures.”

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Foto: Carl-Johan Utsi