For people who are living at the front line of climate change, the impacts are no longer just about politics and scientific models. For millions of people, surviving from devastating consequences of climate change became a part of everyday struggle. As ecosystems start to break down, their livelihoods, culture, homes, and future are under threat.

Members of the Saami youth association taking the EU to court for its lack of climate action are getting together with different indigenous groups and young grassroot organisors from the Nordic countries to discuss the ongoing climate crisis and how to mobilise people to address the climate emergency.

On 11 June,  in Copenhagen – Denmark, Sanna Vannar and Julia Rensberg are meeting with the Greenlandic poet and activist Aka Niviâna, Frida Jahn from the Danish Green Student Movement, Astrid Rasch from the university in Trondheim and activist Florian Carl from Protect the Planet. For more information about the event, please check facebook event page.

On 13 June, in Oslo, members of the Sami youth association are getting together with Erle Bårdsdatter Sæther from Noereh, Lasse Bjørn from Natur og Ungdom, at Samisk Hus Oslo. For more information about the event, please check facebook event page.