Yesterday the German plaintiffs of the People’s Climate Case, Maike and Michael Recktenwald won the ZEIT WISSEN in the category of ‘Action’ for taking the EU to court over its insufficient 2030 climate target.  

Last year, the French plaintiff Maurice Feschet was also selected by Le Monde as one of the courageous people taking real action to fight climate change, together with Greta Thunberg and others.

This Prize came amid wide-spread citizen mobilisations across Europe and beyond urging decision-makers to step up climate action in an unprecedented way. These mobilisations take different shapes from youth climate strikes to a number of national and European climate litigation cases.

Regarding the Prize, Michael Recktenwald, whose family is impacted by sea level rise in Langeoog – Germany said: “Today, many more people are affected by the climate crisis and we will not be able to provide a safe future for the next generations, if we don’t act urgently. For us, this award is both a recognition and motivation of our legal action. It gives us the courage to continue our fight for increased climate targets to protect human rights and future generations.”