From city-dwellers to farmers, youth to seniors, communities around the world are taking governments to court to hold them accountable for their climate inaction. ” The People’s Open Climate and Human Rights Event” gathered the lawyers and plaintiffs who are bringing those cases to share their first-hand experiences. This event also marked the launch of the People’s Guide, a guide on how to use human-rights based climate litigation to increase government’s climate ambition.

Speakers :
Louise Fournier, Associate Litigation Counsel, Greenpeace Southeast Asia
Susanna Israelsson, vice-president of Sáminuorra, Sweden, plaintiff in the People’s Climate Case
Clodagh Daly, representative of Climate Case Ireland
Lisa Goeldner, climate and energy expert at Greenpeace Germany, representative of the German climate case
Catherine Gauthier, Executive Director, ENvironment JEUnesse, plaintiff in the youth class action against the government of Canada

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